Real Turkish Delight

Whilst the origin of the sweet treat isn’t exactly known, production can be traced back to Turkey as early as the 1700’s, hence the name Turkish Delight. Lokum as it’s traditionally called, is a sweet blend of starch and sugar to form a jelly like consistency.

The Real Turkish Delight Company (RT Delight) has been making Turkish Delight in a Australia for over 3 generations, originally in Sydney and now in Perth. Still made to the same recipe that Bahattin Pektuzun learnt from his Grandfather in the Turkish capitol Ankara and brought with him to Australia in 1970 as a new migrant.

Their product is made to a traditional 100 year old recipe using only the finest ingredients and cooking methods. They are Halal certified, HACCP endorsed and hold two Guinness world records (1997 & 2005) for the largest Turkish delight.

Unlike imported Turkish Delights their products are made fresh in Australia so they do not sit in warehouses and on container ships for up to a year before hitting the shelves.